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Learn the best way to use up leftover egg whites and yolks

How to use up leftover eggs whites and yolks

When a recipe calls to use only the egg whites or yolks, it’s a always a shame to bin the other half of the egg. And the good news is… You certainly don’t have to! With these tips and tricks about how to store, and how to cook with leftover egg whites and yolks you will always have a few ideas up your sleeve.

Print off this cheat sheet about how to use up leftover egg whites and yolks, stick it to the inside of your pantry cupboard and never put an egg to waste again! 

what to do with egg yolks and egg whites

These excellent tips are bought to you by our good friend Anna Phillips, who clearly knows how to make the most of an egg.  Anna is a recipe developer as well as a food editor & stylist for a number of leading magazines. She also hosts food programs and even has her own cookbooks.

It’s also worth mentioning that you have to be careful how to store your eggs, especially if you’re using them raw. According to Australian Eggs Farmers the best way to keep eggs is to “store them in their carton in the refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase.”

 Once again, this handy cheat sheet on how to store your eggs and how to tell if your eggs are fresh, is a great one to print and have in your kitchen. Click to download the easily printable PDF!

Egg storage tips that you should always keep on hand. Like how to check if you egg is fresh and how to separate eggs.


Are you inspired to make the egg the hero of your next dish? Here are 3 recipe ideas for egg whites and 3 recipe ideas for using up egg yolks!

Egg white recipes

Meringues and cheesecakes are great for leftover egg whites! Watch our video on how to make Pink Marble Meringues to learn how to get this classic, perfect!

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Egg yolk recipes

Think sauces and custards for egg yolks! See the ideas below for some seriously delicious inspiration.




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