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Frozen smoothie packs are an easy way to get organised for breakfast

How to organise your freezer

While it’s nice to pretend for a short moment that our freezer’s reflect the epitome of organisation, the reality is there will always be a few items in there, that have hung around for too long.

Possibly you have a double up of frozen peas? Maybe there’s still frozen leftovers from Christmas last year? Well, whatever it is, it’s time for a freezer overhaul.

Discovering how to achieve and maintain a well organised freezer is a bit of a skill, but one that we promise will be well worth it. A organised freezer means that you will always have a meal on hand to de-frost and an extra litre of milk to save you from dashing to the shops.

5 tips to organise your freezer:

1. Use the correct packaging and containers for your freezer

Not all containers and packaging solutions work well in a freezer, so be aware of the products you are using. Plastic containers work well, but try to pick ones that are an appropriate size for the contents.

Also avoid glass containers as they have the potential to break, and instead look for seal proof, moisture resistant, tupperware and snap lock bags that can be well sealed.

We love how The Organised Housewife has used a combination of freezer safe containers as well as a freezer suitable basket to organise foods.

2. Always label

Labelling your food containers and snap lock bags will ensure that you can always identify the contents and use-by-date of food. This may seem obvious, but once frozen, certain sauces and food products may be hard to identify.

The Organised You has ever-so cleverly labelled her freezer products and popped them into freezer baskets to stay super organised.


3. Know the necessities 

It’s tempting to think that your freezer needs everything under the sun. But, unless you have a super-size freezer, here are the essentials that we suggest you stock up on for your convenience:

  • Frozen peas and greens
  • Frozen berries and bananas to be used in smoothies
  • 1 x milk container
  • 1 x loaf of bread
  • 1 x block of butter
  • Portions of frozen chicken breast and/or mince
  • Basic frozen sauces such as bolognese, tomato sauce

4. Freeze in portions

One of the best ways to organise your freezer is by freezing in individual portions. Not only will it minimise waste, but it will make food preparation more convenient.

For example, you can separate meat into portion sizes for stir fry’s and easy grilling, add smoothie ingredients into snap lock bags to be added straight to the blender and freeze soups per serve.

This idea by Dessert Now Dinner Later is a wonderful tip for getting your morning breakfast ready in advance. Simple empty the contents of the “smoothie packs” into your blender, add liquid and blitz.

5. Freeze flat

While certain food items work well in containers, many foods can also be frozen flat in snap lock bags to maximise space. Try things like rice, grated parmesan, berries and peas.


If you loved these ideas about how to organise your freezer, you will also love our ideas about what you can and cannot freeze.

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