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Homemade Gozleme recipe

Turkish gozleme is one of our all-time favourite street eats. At fairs, festivals or markets, we find ourselves searching for a stall that creates this wonderful savoury delight. So, we were thrilled when our friends at Australian Mushrooms shared with us this quick homemade edition.

Being so easy to make, this Mushroom, Lamb and Feta homemade Gozleme recipe is quickly becoming a family-favourite at our house. Perfect for the warm season, this idea is easy to share amongst friends, and works wonderfully as an edition to a table of food at a barbecue.

The addition of the mushies in this yummy Gozleme makes it much tastier and much better for you! Plus, the kids will never know. So give this idea a go – we hope you love it as much as we do!

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Mushroom, Lamb & Feta Gozleme – Get the recipe


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