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Homemade muesli bars like these ones by Breville are the perfect idea to make ahead for a busy week

Grab-and-go snack recipes for busy weekdays

We have all found ourselves at one point in time, frantically dashing to the nearest shop to find just about anything to snack on. When you’re moving between appointments, drop-offs and meetings it can feel like finding a proper moment to have something to eat is near impossible.

With just a little bit of organisation, you can avoid that situation entirely. Whether it’s a homemade muesli bar or a savoury muffin – always having something on hand means that you will never be tempted to sneak in something naughty. Even if it’s just a small bag of almonds – being a little bit prepared can make all the difference.

You don’t even need to spend hours meal prepping because these snack recipes are so simple to make. Find something that works for you, make it in a big batch and you will be pleased you did. You can add these ideas to the kids lunch boxes, bring along to work for that 3pm slump or have wrapped ready to go in the fridge when you need to get out of the house quickly.

Easy Snack Ideas

You can find these ideas plus so much more in our grab-and-go snack collection! See a few of our favourite recipes from the collection below.

Grab-and-go snack recipes






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