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Four clever milk hacks

It goes hand in hand with our favourite cereal and gives our coffee that creamy hit, but what if we told you there were other ways to use milk that were nothing short of clever!

Our friends at The Dairy Kitchen are experts when it comes to cooking with the creamy stuff, and so, they’ve shared a few milk hacks with us. From using milk to make icy cold smoothies to ensuring your meat is gorgeous and tender:

Four clever milk hacks
  1. The light way to make creamy soups

Thought the only way to make your soup nice and creamy was with cream or sour cream? Well turns out milk is just as much of a winner when it comes to making delicious smooth and silky soup.

Adding milk to soup is a simple and healthy way to make it extra creamy

2. Reduce the saltiness of feta and haloumi

Some types of feta and haloumi can pack quite the salty punch. Eliminate this by soaking your feta or haloumi in milk for 10 minutes.

3. Milk ice cubes

 A great way to use milk just before the use by-date. Pour milk into ice cube trays and freeze. You can then use them for your morning breakfast smoothie.

4. Marinate and tenderise meats

Dry chicken is a friend to no one. So try this method that soaks your poultry or meat in milk for one hour before cooking. You’ll have a deliciously tender and moist result.


Serve up fresh smashed avocado and tomato on toast with a sprinkle of feta. And if you don’t like the salty taste that feta delivers, simply use the trick above!

Make your smoothie icy cold by freezing your milk in ice cube trays. This idea for a mango and avocado smoothie is the perfect one to try this new milk ice trick.


This hearty soup doesn’t need heavy cream to make it glossy and indulgent. It uses the milk trick above to create a smooth and rich consistency. 


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*DISCLAIMER: The Dairy Kitchen is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from The Dairy Kitchen team and our own opinions. Find out more about The Dairy Kitchen

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