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Best Ever Mushroom Sauce Recipe


A great sauce is often the element on the dish that makes it sing. Maybe its a red wine jus poured over a simple roast, a classic tomato passata tossed through spaghetti or maybe it’s this creamy and smooth best ever mushroom sauce recipe added to a crispy schnitzel.

It’s just one of those must know ideas that you’ll be grateful you tried. The combination of cup and swiss mushrooms, sautéed in the pan with onion, garlic and olive oil provides an incredible base and not to mention a gorgeous aroma.

The sauce comes together wonderfully with some good quality stock, heavy cream and of course, a teaspoon of dijon mustard for that extra element. Finish it off with fresh parsley and serve.

See our 10 ways to use this best ever mushroom sauce recipe to make your meals much tastier.


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