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Amazing Pink Marble Meringues

Becoming a great cook is all about mastering the basics – and one of those must-know basics, is the perfect light and fluffy Meringue. Get it right and you have the ultimate homemade Pavlova or these gorgeous Pink Marble Meringues to add to your cooking repertoire.

See the making of these Meringues using the Breville Bakery Boss, in action in the cooking video above. It will show you just how easy they are! And with the addition of a pink marble effect, these individual meringues look spectacular and work wonderfully for occasions such as baby or bridal showers.

Our 4 tricks for a perfect meringue will help you master this basic:

1. Ensure your bowl and utensils are dry and sparkling clean

Any moisture including possible residue from a previous recipe, will cause a chemical reaction with your egg whites. By ensuring you have very clean equipment, the egg whites will be able to perform at their best.

2. Control your oven temperature

It’s no secret that our oven temperature can be uneven. Not only will most conventional ovens have warmer and cooler zones, but some do not necessarily heat to the temperature you set. The best way to understand your oven is by purchasing an internal oven thermometer. These can be found at most kitchenware stores.

Also, make sure to not cook other dishes whilst cooking your meringues. This will also have a major effect on your result.

3.  Use a good-quality stand mixer

In a good-quality mixer, you can make light work of perfect meringue peaks.

4. Let your meringues cool in the oven

To avoid your meringues cracking, and sinking in their middle – let them cool for 1 hour in the oven.



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